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My e-mail address is:

I should add a warning to this. I am bad at replying to all written communications, whether letters or e-mails. This may sound quite normal: a lot of people don't reply quickly to letters, or open their e-mail in the morning and postpone replying because they want to get on with other things and this may result in some e-mails never getting replied to at all. This normal slippage applies to me, but in addition I am off the scale worse, with something approaching a phobia about writing replies. So please feel free to e-mail me (I actually like getting messages) but please also be understanding if I don't reply. If you send a message and include a phone number it is more likely (though not certain) that I will call you.

My agent:

Suggestions about books I might write, etc. could be sent to my very nice and very efficient agent, Felicity Bryan. Her address is:



If you don't get a reply, this will be because, despite her promptly contacting me, I have not replied. At the risk of making this sound incredibly negative, I should say that I normally write books because I have thought of something I find interesting. I more or less never write something because someone else has had an idea they are interested in.

In the hope of sounding a bit less negative, I like conversation, especially with people I know. if you are someone I know, in particular if you are someone I once taught, I will be really pleased to hear from you and if you send an e-mail with a phone number I will quite likely call you back.